Bee Bot Math

Coding and measurement, all in one!

Over the past few weeks, the Grade 1 students and teachers have been working with Mrs. Hulse in the Hub to learn about coding.

We discovered that coding is a language that we use to talk to Robert. The robots we were exploring are called Bee Bots. Bee Bots are able to go forward, backward, turn left, turn right and pause. When we write directions for a robot to understand, it is called an algorithm.

Students learned how to write an algorithm to have a Bee Bot travel a path on a grid. They used our Bee Bot robots and the Bee Bot app on our iPads.

Using the Bee Bot app on an iPad

Students then began creating their own paths. We explored the algorithms needed for straight and “wavy” lines, testing and fixing our “bugs” as we went along. 

Programming to “climb the stairs”

Then Mrs. Hulse introduced measurement, using non-standard materials. Students were given a variety of different materials such as Lego bricks, counters, or paper clips. Students estimated how many items were needed to represent how far a Bee Bot moved with each step. 

We discovered that bigger units  of measure need less, smaller units need more!

In our last Bee Bot workshop, Mrs. Hulse challenged the students to put all of their learning together and create their own Bee Bot Path. Students worked in groups to write the algorithm for a square, then measured with their choice of unit to receive the correct amount of tape to mark their BeeBot’s path. 

Ready to test our code!

All of our grade one classes did a fantastic job! The students will continue to use these friendly little robots at math centres in their own classrooms, or exploring mapping skills with Mrs Hulse, in the new year.


The Hub often reflects what is happening in our community, and November provided students with many opportunities to express their connection to the world around them, in a variety of ways.

We began November with Treaties Recognition Week, Holocaust Education Week and Diwali. Our picture books, chapter books and additional materials were displayed in the cases in our front hall, for easy access. In the Hub, students learned how to create rangolis, and our space was transformed by their beautiful creations.

Light table rangoli

Geoboard rangoli design

iPad diya creation using Doodle Buddy app

Rangoli designs using the Chalk feature on the Doodle Buddy app

Simple geometric design Rangoli

Poppies bloomed on our Lego Wall and Light table, as Remembrance Day approached.



We celebrated World Diabetes Day with our Hands of Hope Mural that continues to be on display as part of Diabetes Awareness Month.

Stonehaven E.S. hosted local author Joel A. Sutherland, who talked to students from Gr 4 to Gr 8 about his experiences travelling around Canada, interviewing people about their spooky stories and turning those recounts into his award winning (and very popular) books.

Book signing!

Playing MadLibs with Joel, also known as “Anyone can write a story”

As November is also Picture Book Month, it was perfect timing that our Forest of Reading materials arrived! Our primary students are already listening to the new Blue Spruce read-alouds by Mrs. Hulse and their classroom teachers. Prior nominees and winners are being showcased on our bookshelves and hopefully are making their way home to share with families throughour the week.

Students in Grades 4-6 will begin signing out Silver Birch Fiction, Silver Birch Non Fiction or Silver Birch Express Nominees.

Grades 7 and 8 students will be reading Red Maple books. This year, there are Fiction     and Non Fiction selections.


Check out this year’s Forest of Reading Nominees

Rave Reviews for our Book Tasting

Over the last two weeks, students from Grade 4 to Grade 8 took part in our first Book Tasting event, held in the Hub.

Invitations were sent, reservations made, tables set and students arrived to find the Hub transformed by table cloths, flowers and flickering candles. A little ‘coffee shop jazz’ even played in the background.

Mrs. Hulse greeted all guests and seated them at their tables, which featured a variety of books, authors and genres to explore.

Before sampling their first course, students reviewed how to “taste” their books compliments of a slide show dished up by Mrs. Potts. They were encouraged to keep an open mind, as in all things, you don’t know if you like something until you try it! Students were then invited to dig in, choosing books from their platters, and using their menu to assist them in tasting one book from each table/genre.


Mrs. Hulse prepared a four-course meal: appetizer, soup/salad, a main dish, and dessert. Diners were treated to a variety of genres: realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction, mysteries, graphic novels, horror/suspense and non-fiction. As the meal progressed from course to course, students moved from table to table, genre to genre.

As they dined, students completed their personal book tasting menus. They recorded  their chosen book’s title and genre, and after looking carefully at the cover art, front and back covers and book jackets, they spent a few minutes browsing through the book to record their first impressions. Students made thoughtful observations on whether they would chose to read the entire book and finally were asked to rate the book, out of 5 stars, of course!

In addition to their book tasting menus, Mrs. Hulse provided her guests with a Must Read bookmark, to allow students to record the titles and authors of their favourite samples. These bookmarks will come in handy over the next few weeks as our 5 star books will be in high demand, judging from the excited comments from our diners, as they exited the Hub.



FreezeDNA Comic Art Workshop

Stonehaven students from Grades 2-5 had the opportunity to take part in a Cartooning Workshop, hosted in the Hub. Anthony Stanberry, from FreezeDNA, lead students in  directed drawing workshops, taking students step-by-step through their illustrations.

He spoke with students about his experiences as an author and illustrator, and encouraged them to explore their own artistic abilities.

Students created their own cartoons and proudly showed off their work to their classmates and teachers.

Celebrating Dot Day/Week

dot_secSeptember 15 -ish is International Dot Day, celebrated by children all around the world. It is based on the picture book The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, in which he encourages all of us to “make our mark”!


This year, 13,393,607 participants, from 181 countries around the world signed up to take part, and Stonehaven E.S. celebrated with a variety of activities, in both our classrooms and the Hub.

From Gr 1 to Gr 8, students listened to Mrs. Hulse read the story aloud and were then encouraged to take part in one of the many Dot activities available.

Here’s a look at a few of the ways our Stonehaven Stars celebrated their creativity in the Hub space… from the Lego wall to the light table, iPad apps to robots, everyone found a way to make their mark!

  • Building Lego dots in a variety of colours and sizes.

  • At the light table, working on the “Dot or No Dot” challenge and experimenting with negative space.

  • Doodle Buddy Draw app was a popular choice as students created works of art, only using dots to create their images.

  • Using QuiverVision 3D, students used their creativity to fill in a dot colouring page, and watched it come to life in extraordinary 3D augmented reality.

In the spirit of this year’s Dot Day, we all celebrated Creativity, Courage and Collaboration!


Stonehaven Hub’s Amazing Race and Digital Breakout Orientations

The second week of school started with students entering the Hub for their Orientations to our ever changing space. Our themes were taken from the Amazing Race Canada, which was a favourite in the Hulse household over the summer, and from the Escape Room craze that has groups working together to solve a number of puzzles in an hour time frame, to physically break out of a space. Classes from Gr 1-8 spent time completing a variety of challenges that had them working in teams to build, explore and create.

Our primary students used iPads to scan QR codes and take photos of their creations and discoveries. Some of our Gr 7 and Gr 8 students acted as team leaders for our Gr 1 and SK/1 classes, helping to read the challenges and keep our younger students on track. Students really enjoyed exploring our new furniture additions; wobble stools, cafe tables, reading ‘rocket-ships’ and the read and ride desk. They built book stands, watched and sang nursery rhymes, learned a couple of yoga poses from a new library book and reviewed the location of our picture book, primary non-fiction and early chapter book collections. They shared their learning by meeting Mrs. Hulse “on the mat”, and receiving their next clue.

The junior and intermediate teams also had 4 challenges to complete, each challenge coming with a clue to open a digital lock on the iPad. They created poems using book spines, built display stands for library books, used our green screen app and found a few websites that will be helpful for projects and homework; Creative Commons, OverDrive Digital Library and Encyclopedia Britannica School. Overdrive and Encyclopedia Britannica can be accessed via the Useful Links tab on the main menu.

The SK students had their own orientations, listening to a read aloud story, learning some movement songs from Mrs. Hulse, and choosing a book to put into their library bags to bring home. JK students will be in this week, with their teachers, to explore the space and take home their first books.

Students can now begin to visit the Hub for weekly book exchange and/or makerspace activities, either with their classroom teachers or using “VIP passes” during open exchange times.

Tuesday, September 18 is our first author visit, the Freeze DNA Comic Art Tour workshop for Grades 2-5.

The Hub will also be hosting STEMminds lunchtime programs, milk bag weaving, yoga classes… it’s a “happening” place!





June has been incredibly busy in the Hub, despite the fact that we (hopefully) have all returned our Library books.

The Hub hosted the Brass Rubbings Workshops for our Grade 4 classes, and Breakout Box sessions for the Grade 7’s. Ms. Larke’s class hosted their fellow Grade 1’s in their own Film Festival, showcasing their Green Screen movies. The Kindergarten classes performed at our Volunteer Tea, and we had a second presentation of the Film Festival. Mrs. Binnington’s Grade 7’s also used the Green Screen app to present their Literature Circle Poetry.

Over the lunch hours, students participated in the STEMminds club, knitting club, chess club and our milk bag weaving group completed their final mattresses and pillows.

This month, all students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 were introduced to YRDSB’s new e-library, Overdrive. Students worked with me to log in to their accounts and choose their first book. They now have the ability to access the library from home and  read throughout the summer. Overdrive can be accessed through the Useful Links tab at the top of our homepage. Just click on our Enterprise Library Catalogue Link, and scroll down to find OverDrive on the right hand side of the page.

Students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 attended the presentation by Newmarket Public Library, to learn about their summer reading program. Student should arrive home with a little information sheet about the TD summer reading club.

This week we held our first Big Bargain Book Fair! Thank you to the many families who donated their gently used books. Books were sold from a quarter to a dollar, and in addition to providing students with books for summer reading, we made just over $200 in sales.

This money, along with the Spring Scholastic Book Fair, the Purdy’s Chocolate fundraiser and Spring Flower sales will be put towards purchasing some of the new furniture we are hoping to have in the Hub. 

Thank you to all your support throughout the year. I wish everyone a safe and happy summer and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Ann-Marie Hulse

See what kids are reading this summer! Recommendations from Forest of Reading and the Ontario Library Association

Here Is The 2018 Kid Committee Summer Reading List!

The folks at the Forest of Reading are excited to announce this year’s summer reading list for Silver Birch and Red Maple, as chosen by our Kid Committee!

Seventeen readers from Grades 3 to 8 met on Friday, June 1 at the OLA offices to recommend the books that readers across Canada should be reading this summer.

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Kid Committee Summer Reading List:

Silver Birch

Clara Humble and the Not-So-Super Powers
Anna Humphrey
Owlkids Books
Andrew Larsen
Kid Can Press
Downside Up
Richard Scrimger
Tundra Books
Howard Wallace PI: Shadow of a Pug
Casey Lyall
Sterling Children’s Books
Kevin Sylvester
Simon & Schuster
Missing Mike
Shari Green
Pajama Press
Seeking Refuge
Irene N. Watts
Tradewind Books
Gordon Korman
Scholastic Canada
These Are My Words: The Residential School Diary of Violet Pesheens, Northern, 1966
Ruby Slipperjack Scholastic Canada
A World Below
Wesley King
Simon & Schuster

Red Maple

90 Days of Different
Eric Walters
Orca Book Publishers
250 Hours
Colleen Nelson
Coteau Books
The Assassin’s Curse
Kevin Sands
Simon & Schuster Canada
Don’t Tell the Enemy
Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Scholastic Canada
The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore
Kim Fu
HarperCollins Canada
The Painting
Charis Cotter
Say You Will
Eric Walters
Doubleday Canada
A Time to Run
Lorna Schultz Nicholson
Clockwise Press
To Look a Nazi in the Eye
Kathy Kacer with Jordana Lebowitz
Second Story Press
 Trial by Fire: A Riley Donovan Mystery
Norah McClintock
Orca Book Publishers


These kids have selected books other kids will WANT to read. Stop the “summer slide”: download the 2018 Kid Committee Summer Reading List and share out it with everyone!

Missed our 2018 Teen Committee Summer Reading List? Download it here!

Happy Summer Reading!

From the Folks at the Forest of Reading

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